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Ensure the safety of your business and network infrastructure  by training them to be cyber safe!


Your greatest security threat is not a sophisticated zero-day exploit or hacktivist – it is unsuspecting employees.  Failure to deliver effective cybersecurity awareness and basic online hygiene is making companies all over the world suffer huge financial losses to avoidable human error.


To prevent this, to ensure your company and its operations are always secure, Digital Insights, Dubai brings you a range of bespoke essential training programs. We increase the cyber-awareness of your employees, regardless of their job role or responsibility.  Our highly flexible and fully customizable programs prepare your staff for the front-line of cyber defence.


Our cybersecurity Management Training and Awareness programs give your corporate executives the appropriate level of knowledge to understand the cyber threat landscape. Digital Insights trains them to know the best way of responding to an incident. We equip them to protect your organization from cyber attacks, no matter when and how they occur!


Your First Responders are your armor. Training and equipping them to react correctly and manage a cyber attack decides your organization’s survival. Digital Insights enables first responders to analyze and recognize threats, create proactive response plans, and execute them effectively in good time.


By training end users on the most basic cybersecurity weaknesses, Digital Insights, Dubai arms them to recognize and prevent potentially catastrophic attacks.

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