What is WatchTower365 & Why you need it?

Businesses big and small must protect sensitive information about their customers, employees, partners, internal operations and more in this age of rapidly advancing technology. But this protection has become an increasingly challenging task with the rising sophistication of cybercriminals and hacking software.

A Security Operations Centre, or SOC, is a team of expert individuals and the facility where they are fully dedicated to high-quality IT security operations. A SOC intends to prevent and detect cybersecurity threats and respond to any incidents on the computers, servers and networks it supervises.


What makes a SOC unique is the ability to continuously monitor all systems as employees work around the clock in shifts, rotating and logging. WatchTower365 brings together Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security Monitoring, Threat Detection, Incident Response and Endpoint Detection & Response, allowing us to operate as a single system to protect your entire network infrastructure easily and accurately.

SOC as a Service


During an attack on a network infrastructure, multiple layers of management delay how reactive large organizations can be, putting loose and agile cyber criminal networks in a more advantageous position. In order to protect themselves at the rate at which criminals move, big corporations need to rearrange rigid internal arrangements to be more flexible.


With WatchTower365, you can eliminate the need to source multiple security products and get constant cyber security throughout your environment with a quicker threat response, weekly & monthly reports and more!

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SOC in a Box


Smaller companies have a higher risk of a cyber attack due to the lack of robust cyber security which usually come at a high cost. Digital Insights offers SOC services in one portable, plug and play device called WatchTower S.M.A.R.T 365 SOC in a Box!


Get threat detection and alerting abilities of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), 24x7 Network Monitoring of your network infrastructure and Endpoint Detection and Response, all in one Box. This aims to reduce staff requirements, remove redundancies and lower your cost of a breach by transferring risk.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

At WatchTower365 we have created a unique WatchTower S.M.A.R.T 365 (Managed Endpoint Detection & Response) service that incorporates 24 X 7 Monitoring, Remote Remediation Support, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Investigate | Isolate | Recover, Guided Investigation, Ransomware Rollback and Global Threat Intelligence. In addition to the aforementioned components, WatchTower365 provides 24x7x365 monitoring and remote incident response and remediation support which is an ideal service for small IT teams who have a deficit in cybersecurity skills.

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at&tcybersecurity copy.png

WatchTower365 is an AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP partner, which helps us deliver managed security solutions to small and mid-size businesses and markets. Its simplicity, reliability, and value make AT&T the perfect choice to power our managed security offering. AT&T Cybersecurity helps tailor service-offerings to customer needs with flexible, scalable deployment options, across cloud and on premises infrastructure. It saves time and reduces overheads through centralized monitoring and alarm investigation across federated customer deployments. It accelerates compliance management with pre-built compliance reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.