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Why you need to be cyber safe during COVID-19?

The world is in chaos right now, businesses have been affected by the coronavirus situation and cyber attacks like scams, malware, and phishing attacks have substantially increased because cybercriminals see this as an opportunity to implement Covid-19 related cyber attacks to exploit everyone.

Cybercriminals are using their common methods of actions to take advantage of this fearful and uncertain time of crisis like phishing emails and fake messages relating to miracle cures for coronavirus or protective equipment, elicit payments, and fake charges and services, or attempts to obtain login credentials and personal information. And also cyber crimes against companies are growing in number and getting dangerous every single day.

Newly adopted work from home culture

Most of the companies are now operating by employees working from their homes without any shadow of the IT department and its cybersecurity and most of these organizations are not prepared for a sudden shift to remote work. And even students are continuing their studies with school in online mode. But without any cybersecurity protocols or precautions, data worth millions is in danger. The end-users are in the front line in the battle of cybersecurity and educating ourselves on this can help us win this war.

Cybercriminals are settling up thousands of fake COVID-19 themed websites under newly-registered domain names to spread malware and run scams. Even if these websites are taken down immediately, they can make new websites in no time to spread fake news and disinformation. Because of these situations, cybersecurity and security teams of companies are so overburdened and understaffed.

Businesses around the world are vulnerable at this moment and are more willing to pay the ransom to the hackers during ransomware attacks. Healthcare providers have also been targets of cyberattacks in the past but now that the healthcare industry is overworked and tired, phishing and social engineering attacks are more likely to succeed at this time.

How can we help you?

Organizations invest in anti-virus programs, firewalls, and endless resources to avoid cyber attacks. It was demonstrated that these resources were the weakest link while preventing or removing an attack. An attack can occur anytime through outdated firewalls, anti-virus software, and data breach within the organization. But with our Security Operations Centre (SOC) that works 24*7/365, you get supreme threat detection and incident response. Since cybercriminals don’t spare smaller organizations, they also need cybersecurity which we can provide for an affordable price with our SOC in a Box. For a more in-depth understanding of our SOC, please visit or contact us via +971 4 2415888 or

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