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Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2022

The cybersecurity industry is changing and offers greater protection against malware attacks and data hacking attempts with the advent of new technologies.

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise due to the increasing use of data across all industries. Hackers are always trying to hack into networks and systems. Agencies are doing everything they can to stay ahead of such infiltration attempts. Below are some of the major changes expected to impact the industry over the next few years. They also help it combat the threat of data theft, and information snooping.

Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2022_dicuae

1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), This combination of AI/ML has been instrumental in strengthening cybersecurity across all industries and business types. While AI helps identify abnormal usage patterns, ML allows machines to imbibe these patterns in order to block hackers and malware attempts. These technologies complement each other well and can be combined to help organizations combat cyber threats.

2) Mobile Hacking: Mobile devices are becoming the primary target for data hackers. Mobile hackers are focusing their efforts on mobile devices, which can contain sensitive information such as personal information, bank details, and images. Cyber agencies have refocused their efforts to find solutions for smartphones in light of this increased threat perception. We can expect significant developments in mobile security over the next few months.

3) Distributed Cloud Technology Cloud storage quickly became a popular choice for companies across a broad range of industries. The technology allows firms to outsource their storage needs to large data companies. This saves valuable resources for all stakeholders. Over the years, however, centralized cloud storage systems have become more vulnerable. These centralized cloud storage systems have been a target for hackers and companies have redoubled their efforts to develop distributed cloud storage technology. This idea is intended to reduce hacking threats by spreading cloud storage around the globe. Even if one data storage has been hacked, the rest will remain secure and safe. This technology is quickly catching up to industry leaders. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Microsoft are all working at an incredible pace to improve their technology for distributed cloud storage systems.

4) Targeted Ransomware Attacks: Many tech enthusiasts are tempted to engage in ransomware attacks illegally because they can make a lot of money quickly. Experts noticed that these ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, with many choosing IT and healthcare as their targets. Ransomware attacks are particularly dangerous to the healthcare industry. In 2017, WannaCry ransomware attacked the UK's National Health Service (NHS), causing severe damage and disruption to the entire system. It is necessary to transform the security of data networks in order to prevent targeted attacks. This will require significant investment from all parties, but every dollar that is spent on strengthening the IT infrastructure of companies pays off.

5) Country-Backed cyberattacks. Countries around the world are increasingly using cyberattacks to assert their strategic dominance. Cyber attacks are now a key tool in governments' strategic arsenal due to the raging geopolitical tensions among nations. A large number of cyberattacks will be carried out across the globe in 2022. This is a time when elections will also take place.

6) 5G Technology Rollout: Experts warn that 5G will make data speeds even faster, which could increase cyber attacks against users of the technology. IoT devices will be at the forefront of cyber attacks as they are vulnerable to hackers due to their interactions with other gears. The technology's emerging nature means that attackers could easily exploit its vulnerabilities once it is available for commercial use.

In the past few years, cyber threats have seen their nature and methods change significantly. Attacks are more targeted, faster, and more concentrated in their geographic locations. The entire IT industry must work together to defeat the new-age hackers. To counter cyber threats, all stakeholders need to work together in a collaborative manner. Policymakers are equally important as they can aid the industry in fostering innovation and bringing new solutions onto the market at a faster rate and with greater agility.

Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2022_dicuae

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