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Forensic Investigation


We perform full forensic data extraction and extensive data analysis across all non-proprietary operating systems and file types to compile, interpret, and present conclusive evidence.

Memory Devices

Worried about a compromised USB, external hard drive or disc? We can access, analyze and interpret data from memory devices of all kinds, getting you all the evidence you need.

CCTV/Access Control

Our experts access and analyze CCTV footage and Access Control data across multiple sites to secure, formulate, and present evidence to enable you to respond to an incident effectively.


We look at all data sets (like emails, documents, media files, and location data) on cell phones, tablets, and other handheld devices to extract and analyze the evidence.

Printers/Scanners /MFD

Do you have a printer, scanner or similar device that has been hacked? No matter the make or model of your machine, we extract the data and acquire the evidence.

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